In Venice, Florida a man in his 30’s was greatly inconvenienced after being charged with trespassing for entering the grounds of a property he was interested in renting. The prosecutors with the State Attorney’s Office wanted to move forward with the case and offered probation and a fine as a penalty; however, the man claimed that he was not guilty of trespassing. To review his options, he sought out the legal representation of Attorney Eika Valcarcel.

Attorney Valcarcel took responsibility for handling his case, who quickly obtained a continuance to review the evidence and prepare for a trial. During the investigation, Valcarcel’s office took photographs of the sign and the property in question and determined the “No Trespassing” sign did not meet the standard size and visibility guidelines; therefore, Valcarcel effectively argued to have the trespassing charges dropped. This was a great result for the client, who was now free to move on after this incident.

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