A man in his 50s from North Port, FL was facing up to one year in jail following a 1st-degree misdemeanor battery charge. Unwilling to accept anytime in jail, the man reached out to Sarasota County criminal defense attorney Erika Valcarcel to see how she could help mend this situation.

Although our client had no priors, he was still facing substantial penalties if convicted. Attorney Valcarcel responded in a prompt and zealous manner by reviewing the facts of her client’s case. Valcarcel was able to speak with the neighbors and members of the surrounding community regarding the alleged victim’s past. There were no witnesses except for a few children. This case carried a lot of reasonable doubt. However, through careful depositions, attorney Valcarcel was able to get the man’s battery charge reduced to a trespass charge. Our client saw a small fine and was not given any probationary terms.

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