If you accumulate several traffic offenses in Florida, you will probably be subjected to a suspension of your driving privileges. If you are then caught driving while that suspension is effective, you will likely face an extended loss of your license among other serious consequences. When this occurs, you’ll need an experienced and very capable Sarasota traffic lawyer to help protect your driving record and hopefully restore your ability to drive. For example, a 50-year-old gentleman was recently pulled over in Sarasota and ticketed for a driving under suspension charge. As an immigrant to this country, this situation placed him in a very precarious position because while his immigration issues prevented him from having a valid license, once this was cleared up, he did not want to carry a driving under suspension conviction on his record or possibly become labeled as a habitual traffic offender. Worried about such a ramification, the man reached out to Erika Valcarcel based on her skill in defending clients in traffic cases.

Attorney Erika Valcarcel meticulously reviewed the man’s driving record and in short order discovered the officer actually issued an inappropriate violation. Essentially, the man had previously been issued some traffic tickets that promoted a suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), despite the fact that because of his immigration status he was not eligible for a license in the first place. Furthermore, attorney Valcarcel revealed that because of a DMV clerical error, he was actually ticketed twice for the same infraction and the suspension was issued by mistake. By presenting these findings on her client’s behalf, the court amended the infraction to a more appropriate offense of driving without a valid license, which only required the payment of a fine and removed the client’s worry about a habitual offender classification. In the end, and due to attorney Valcarcel’s adept representation, the man was pleased to pay this fine and be allowed to move forward with his immigration issues so he can gain a valid driver license.

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