A Sarasota woman in her 30s was recently alleged to have taken items from a clothing store. As a result, she was facing a 2nd-degree misdemeanor petty theft charge with six months of probation or 60 days in the county jail. A conviction of this magnitude would prove difficult to accept any position with a potential employer. Concerned about her future, she called upon the services of experienced Sarasota criminal defense attorney Erika Valcarcel.

As a first time offender, attorney Valcarcel saw an opportunity to enter into a pretrial intervention program and made the request on behalf of her client. After successful admittance into the program, our client went through a three-month period of supervision, took a class, and participated in community service. Our client successfully completed the course requirements and the case in its entirety was dismissed against her. She will not see any adverse effects as a result of this one-time mistake.

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