After getting into an accident with another vehicle, not stopping his own car, and leaving the scene, a young Sarasota County man found himself facing criminal charges. He was stopped shortly after, as the damage to his car was consistent with the other involved vehicle. As such, he was charged with a hit and run, an offense that carries with it potential penalties such as up to 60 days in jail, six months’ probation, and fines. Wanting to avoid these consequences, the man reached out to Erika Valcarcel, Criminal Defense Lawyer, P.A. for help.

Attorney Erika Valcarcel obtained copies of her client’s medical records, which revealed that the young man suffered from a concussion as a result of the accident, in addition to a couple of other medical issues that corroborated his claim that he didn’t intentionally not stop at the accident scene. Even though this was his first offense, the man faced the possibility of not obtaining a pre-trial intervention (PTI) program, as the state of Florida does not permit it for certain traffic offenses – including leaving the scene of an accident.

Attorney Valcarcel fought hard for her client to receive PTI. After providing these records to the state attorney’s office that proved his medical condition, the client was awarded PTI. After completing an online driving class and some public service work, the case will be dismissed.

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