Recently, a young man, who was visiting Sarasota was stopped by police while he was driving and ultimately cited for having an expired driver license, which is considered a criminal traffic offense as a second-degree misdemeanor. The man did not want to see his driving or criminal record tainted with this citation, so upon learning of the charge’s seriousness and the considerable cost involved with returning to the area, the man consulted with experienced traffic attorney Erika Valcarcel.

With extensive knowledge of traffic law and procedure, attorney Valcarcel advised her client that this matter could be handled without him returning to Sarasota. She accomplished this by waiving her client’s appearance in court and filed the necessary paperwork allowing the matter to be resolved without his presence. In the end, she successfully negotiated for the man’s enrollment in a Pretrial Intervention (PTI) Program for traffic violations, and after paying a small fine, the charge of driving with an expired license would be dropped. The client was very pleased with this outcome, which diminished the criminal traffic charge’s consequences without needing to appear in court.

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