In Sarasota, a group of young people was recently approached by the police for smoking marijuana. One of the individuals arrested was a 20-year-old woman and she suddenly found herself charged with possession of marijuana. This offense is a misdemeanor in Florida and carried the possibility of a year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 in addition to a smear on her otherwise clear criminal record. As a college student, the woman knew that any such blemish could seriously impact her educational opportunities, so she contacted Sarasota criminal defense lawyer Erika Valcarcel to pursue the best possible outcome.

Attorney Valcarcel utilized her considerable knowledge in this field to facilitate a resolution as quickly as possible. After negotiating with the prosecution, attorney Valcarcel secured her client’s placement into a Pre-Trial Intervention program. This allowed the woman to participate in a drug diversion class and some community service. Once the program is completed, this would result in the dismissal of her marijuana possession charge. This spared her from a restrictive drug conviction on her record and she could complete her college applications without worry.

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