If you receive a Florida traffic violation, it might be tempting to simply pay the fine and move on with your life, but sometimes the full impact of a traffic ticket is not always obvious and in doing this, you’ve essentially painted yourself into a corner by admitting guilt. Some time ago, a woman was stopped for driving over the posted limit and without consulting a knowledgeable Florida traffic attorney, she paid the ticket. However, she did not realize the ramifications of her decision and after some time, she was shocked to find a notice, alerting her that the points that were added to her license for speeding had caused her to exceed the maximum amount within a year, and her license would, therefore, be suspended. This young woman desperately needed to preserve her ability to drive in order to care for her young children as well as her ailing father, who was recently diagnosed with cancer and finally consulted the accomplished Florida traffic lawyer Erika Valcarcel.

Attorney Valcarcel reviewed the woman’s available legal options and facilitated her appeal. Ultimately, attorney Valcarcel filed a motion to modify the disposition of the traffic infraction, arguing that her client did not fully realize the full scope of paying the ticket and admitting guilt. After the reviewing the motion, the presiding judge agreed with attorney Valcarcel’s assertion and ordered that the penalty be amended. This removed the recently assessed points and allowed the woman to reinstate her license. Due to attorney Erika Valcarcel’s adept representation and knowledge of Florida traffic procedure, her client could continue driving legally and without hindrance.

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