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10 Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer

29.09.2017 in Criminal Defense, DUI, Legal News

If you have been charged with a DUI in Sarasota, you should consider hiring an attorney to protect your legal rights and increase your chances of getting your charges reduced or dismissed. It’s a good idea to consult multiple DUI lawyers so that you can…

Avoiding Criminal Charges After Hurricane Irma

07.09.2017 in Criminal Defense, Legal News

Hurricanes can be catastrophic, and they often leave devastation wherever they go. With Hurricane Irma steadily growing stronger, it is important to know how to prepare for a hurricane, and how to avoid criminal charges when you and your family are faced with overwhelming damages…

Longer Florida Prison Sentences Equal More Inmates

28.09.2016 in Criminal Defense, Law, Legal News

Florida’s prison population is expected to grow by approximately 1,000 inmates over the next 6 years, according to the Office of Economic and Demographic Research. The researchers believe Florida’s prison population may rise to 100,158 individuals by 2022. However, the reason for this jump isn’t…