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What Do Controlled Substance Schedules Mean?

16.04.2021 in Drugs

Controlled substances are classified into five categories called schedules. The lower the number, the more dangerous the substance and the more severe the penalty. However, a controlled substance schedule is only one factor when you are facing a potential criminal conviction. If you are facing…

Policewoman starting search of man's car featured image

What You Need to Know if the Police Find Drugs in Your Car

17.01.2021 in Drugs

You’ve been pulled over. The next thing you know, the police are searching your car, and you get a sinking feeling in your stomach as they pull out a suspicious-looking bag. If you’re panicking at this point, you’re right to do so. Florida law comes…

Florida Needs Sentencing Reform in Drug Cases

28.02.2018 in Criminal Defense, Drugs

According to an investigation by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the war on drugs is disproportionately affecting Florida’s citizens of color. For example, African-Americans convicted of drug offenses involving mandatory minimum sentences spend 39 percent more time behind bars than others with similar criminal profiles. African-Americans convicted…

Drug-Free Zone Laws Increase Criminal Penalties in Florida

16.02.2017 in Drugs

Drug charges in Florida bring with them harsh punishments. From mandatory minimum prison sentences to strict probation terms, you will have to deal with a tough future if you are convicted of possessing, selling, creating, or distributing an illegal substance. Your position may be even…