Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can be an overwhelming time, and you may be uncertain of how it will affect your life. To learn more about steps to take after a DUI arrest in Florida, read the tips below.

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1. Comply With the Officer, But Do Not Give Unnecessary Information

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida, when you’re arrested in Florida, you’re required to tell the officer your name. If you were driving, you must also provide your state issued driver’s license to the officer. However, you do not have to answer a police officer’s questions about what you’ve been doing, where you are going, or whether or not you’ve been drinking. Simply ask if you can speak with an attorney and remain calm.

2. Contact a Sarasota DUI Attorney

One of the most crucial steps to take after being arrested for DUI is calling a DUI lawyer. Whether you can call an attorney from the police station, or if your friend or relative calls for you, you should contact someone for legal assistance right away.

It’s important to know that the police may discourage you from calling an attorney. They want you to answer their questions and move forward with charges. However, a DUI lawyer will make sure your rights are respected, and you don’t unintentionally incriminate yourself.

3. Write Down What Occurred The Night of Your DUI Charge

It can be difficult to remember details long after your charge. As soon as you can, you should write down exactly what happened before, during, and after your arrest. This includes where you were before you got into the vehicle, how you felt driving, what you could see and hear, and how the officer acted towards you.

You should give this journal to your DUI lawyer so they can use it as evidence in your case.

4. Request a DHSMV Administrative Hearing

If you failed a DUI test or refused to take a breathalyzer, you may be issued an administrative suspension of your driver’s license. However, in Florida, you may request a hearing with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) to fight the suspension, get allowances to drive to school or work, or get your license reinstated.

You have a limited amount of time after you’re arrested for DUI to request an administrative hearing. So, you should take this step as quickly as possible. Your Sarasota DUI attorney can help you with an administrative hearing as well.

5. Understand Your Legal Options

Your DUI lawyer will conduct an independent investigation to determine precisely what happened during your arrest. If you were not intoxicated, you might be able to have your charges thrown out altogether. However, if the prosecutor has evidence that seems to be beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving while drunk, you may still have legal options. Your attorney may be able to help you have your charges and penalties reduced, or undergo alternative sentencing.

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If you were arrested for a DUI, you might be worried about work, school, your reputation, and a criminal record. However, you may have options after being charged with a DUI. You should speak with an experienced Sarasota DUI attorney at Erika Valcarcel, Criminal Defense Lawyer, P.A. today to learn your next steps.

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