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Author: Tyler Means

Drug-Free Zone Laws Increase Criminal Penalties in Florida

16.02.2017 in Drugs

Drug charges in Florida bring with them harsh punishments. From mandatory minimum prison sentences to strict probation terms, you will have to deal with a tough future if you are convicted of possessing, selling, creating, or distributing an illegal substance. Your position may be even…

Why Are Sarasota DUI Checkpoints Announced?

22.12.2016 in Criminal Defense, DUI

DUI checkpoints are a type of exception within the law. Normally, a police officer needs a reason to stop your vehicle and ask you questions that could potentially lead to your arrest. However, during a DUI checkpoint, all or certain vehicles are automatically stopped and…

What is Sarasota Health Care Court?

14.12.2016 in Criminal Defense

Many people who get convicted of crimes – especially repeat offenders – suffer from mental illness. In many cases, criminal offenders with mental disorders are thrown into disruptive and hostile jail environments where they stand no chance at getting better. Fortunately, the Sarasota County Health…

Do I Have to Give DNA to Police?

18.11.2016 in Criminal Defense

Police in jurisdictions across the country are starting to amass databases of DNA samples in partnership with private laboratories. Officers are more frequently collecting these samples from people even though they have not been arrested for a crime, or even suspected of committing one. In…

Is Drug Court An Option In Sarasota?

10.10.2016 in Criminal Defense, Drugs, Marijuana

In Florida, a drug crime conviction may result in serious penalties such as lengthy jail or probation terms, hefty fines, and the loss of driving privileges. Additionally, you may suffer other long-term impacts of having a conviction on your criminal record such as difficulty finding…