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Author: Erica Valcarcel

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Defending Against False Accusations of Sexual Assault

09.03.2022 in Sex Crimes

False accusations of sexual assault are generally rare (making up less than 10% of all reported sexual assaults), but they do happen. If you are falsely accused of sexual assault, you’ll probably question the best way to defend yourself or if you should respond at…

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What Is Florida’s Romeo & Juliet Law?

09.02.2022 in Sex Crimes

Until 2007, the state of Florida considered any sexual relations between a minor and a legal adult (over 18) to be statutory rape, even if the relationship was consensual. This required the adult involved to register as a sex offender, creating lifelong complications to finding…

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Pros and Cons of Withholding Adjudication in Florida

10.12.2021 in Criminal Defense, Law

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you may qualify for withholding of adjudication. This type of case outcome isn’t a conviction, but it isn’t an acquittal or a dismissal of your charges either. Rather, when a judge withholds adjudication, they sentence you to probation…

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The Legal Problems with Sarasota Online Sex Sting Operations

05.08.2021 in Sex Crimes

Online sex sting operations are increasingly common in the state of Florida. In these undercover operations, law enforcement officers go online and pretend to be a minor. They intend to find predators hoping to meet children for sexual encounters. When the person shows up, the…

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Teen Sexting in Sarasota & Possible Charges

26.07.2021 in Sex Crimes

Sexting is the act of sending or receiving sexually explicit images or videos. The photos or videos are sent or received through an electronic device or computer. Sexting between two consenting adults is legal in Florida, but individuals younger than 18 could face harsh criminal…

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What’s Meant by Multiple Counts of Child Pornography?

13.06.2021 in Sex Crimes

Child pornography-related crimes can result in multiple counts. In addition to charges for possession, distribution, production, or manufacture of child pornography, transmission charges may also apply when child porn is sent or viewed on an electronic device. You might be surprised to learn that you…