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Author: Erica Valcarcel

Two people out talking to police officers

Your Rights at a DUI Checkpoint in Florida

13.10.2022 in DUI

Generally, police need probable cause to conduct any kind of vehicle or home search or field sobriety test. For instance, if an officer pulls a car over for speeding or driving erratically and believes a driver is under the influence, they can search the vehicle,…

Man upset thinking on his sofa

Defending Against False Accusations of Sexual Assault

09.03.2022 in Sex Crimes

False accusations of sexual assault are generally rare (making up less than 10% of all reported sexual assaults), but they do happen. If you are falsely accused of sexual assault, you’ll probably question the best way to defend yourself or if you should respond at…

Teen couple holding hands in field

What Is Florida’s Romeo & Juliet Law?

09.02.2022 in Sex Crimes

Until 2007, the state of Florida considered any sexual relations between a minor and a legal adult (over 18) to be statutory rape, even if the relationship was consensual. This required the adult involved to register as a sex offender, creating lifelong complications to finding…