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Author: Erica Valcarcel

white isotonitazene pills spilled across table

Arrested for Isotonitazene (ISO)? Know Your Rights

06.03.2023 in Drugs, Law

While fentanyl has been making headlines for the last few years, other synthetic opioids can also be dangerous. Isotonitazene is an even more potent drug than fentanyl and has been seen more often in drug busts. People are often unaware they are even consuming the…

Two people out talking to police officers

Your Rights at a DUI Checkpoint in Florida

13.10.2022 in DUI

Generally, police need probable cause to conduct any kind of vehicle or home search or field sobriety test. For instance, if an officer pulls a car over for speeding or driving erratically and believes a driver is under the influence, they can search the vehicle,…